Social activities

Virtual tour to Cenifer/CISER

November 16th | Schedule to be determined

Virtual visit to Cenifer/CISER, a reference center for renewable energies and an educational center for vocational training in renewable energies. This activity is aimed at schools (students between 1st and 3rd ESO). Participating schools will receive the link to develop the virtual visit from the classroom.

The visit will begin with an introduction by Uxue Itoiz, who will briefly explain what energy communities are and what role renewable energies play in them.

After Itoiz’s introduction, Luis Orús, director of Cenifer/CISER, will give a speech.  Orús will explain through a virtual visit to Cenifer/CISER how photovoltaic, thermal and wind renewable energies work and will talk about the center he directs and the courses taught there.

Guided exhibition in Baluarte

November 16th and 17th | 9:00 – 20:00 | Hall of Baluarte

Guided exhibition in the hall of Baluarte with several models showing how renewable energies work.

The exhibition will show illustrative models of the following energies and technologies, accompanied by explanatory posters. They will be on display throughout the congress:

  • Photovoltaic energy.
  • Solar thermal energy.
  • Wind energy.
  • Solar cooking.
  • Water purification.

In addition, from 18:00 to 20:00 h. we will have two professors from Cenifer/CISER who will give a demonstration of how renewable energies work using the models.

This activity will be open to all audiences.

Screening of the documentary “We The Power”

November 16th | 17:30-19:30 | Baluarte, Sala de Cámara

Screening of the documentary “We The Power” and subsequent Film Forum to answer the question: Are we prepared for energy communities?

Synopsis: The production directed by David Garret tells the story of how a group of neighbors in Europe manages to set aside the traditional energy system based on polluting fossil fuels to produce clean electricity themselves. “We The Power” follows friends, families and visionaries who, in the face of an adverse scenario, break down legislative barriers and empower small towns and their people.

This will be followed by a Cine Forum on the theme “Are we ready for energy communities?”


  •  Vanessa Álvarez González (Lasgaya coop)


Film/documentary screening ‘Demain’

November 17th | 17:30-19:30 | Baluarte, Sala de Cámara

Synopsis: Following the publication of a study announcing the possible disappearance of part of humanity by 2100, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent set out with a team of four people to launch their own research in ten countries to find out what could be causing such a catastrophe and, above all, how it could be avoided. During their journey, they met pioneers who were reinventing agriculture, energy, economics, democracy and education. By implementing these concrete, positive initiatives that are already underway in some places and proving that they work, the directors began to realize what the world of tomorrow might look like.