Baluarte | Pamplona / Iruña
November 16-17, 2021

I Congreso Europeo de Comunidades Energéticas

The I European Congress on Energy Communities, which will take place on November 16 and 17, aims to serve as a forum for information and debate on the booming movement for energy transition at local and regional level. Energy communities have been identified as one of the main pillars to accelerate the transition towards an energy system without CO2 emissions, which is why in recent years their status and legal recognition have increased and they have aroused strong interest on the part of public and private stakeholders.

The congress, in which experts from the public and private sectors will take part, will showcase pioneering initiatives developed in different European countries, as well as at state and regional level, and will focus on critical social, legislative, economic and technological conditions to push the model forward on a mass scale. In a very didactic and interactive way, attendees will be able to participate in numerous workshops where some practical aspects of energy communities will be discussed.