Tuesday, January 24th

09:00 Welcome

  • Mikel Irujo Amezaga. Regional Minister for Enterprise and Economic Development.

9:05 Opening

  • Joan Groizard Payeras. IDAE General Director.
  • Uxue Itoiz Mariñelarena. General Director of Industry, Energy and S4 Strategic Projects of the Government of Navarra.
  • Mónica Aguado Alonso. Director of the Network Integration Department, CENER.

09:30 First session: The challenge of the regulation in Energy Communities.

  • CNMC. Josep María Salas i Prat. Counselor.
  • REDEIA. Ricardo Bajo del Pozo, Director of Measures and Settlements.
  • EnerAgen. Joaquín Villar Rodriguez, EC Working Group Coordinator.
  • CENER. Manuel A. Rodriguez Martin. Director of Corporate Venturing.

Moderator: Entra Coalición. Alicia Carrasco.

10:30 Second session: Implementation of favourable frameworks for the development of Energy Communities (SWOT analysis)

  • DISTRIBUTOR. Eduardo Ryan Murúa. i-DE.
  • TRADING COMPANIES. Xabier Bou Torrent. ASEME association.
  • ENGINEERING. Paula Santos Ortiz. UNEF.
  • USER. Joan Herrera Torres. El Prat de Llobregat Council.

Moderator: Fundación Renovables. Juan Castro-Gil Amigo.

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Third session: Opportunities for industry in Energy Communities.

  • INCOMUNER 4.0 project. Susana Tantos Montejo, AIN, and David Pon Peñalba, INERGY.
  • E-NEURON project. Jon Rozados García, Tecnalia.
  • Lekunberri Council. Gorka Azpiroz Razkin.

Moderator: Martin Ibarra Murillo. Director of the Energy Transition Service. Government of Navarra

13:00 Fourth session: Cooperation, collaboration and public-private synergies

  • DECIDE project. Marten Saareoks.
  • Tartu regional Agency (Estonia). Nele Ivask.
  • Matera Council (Italy).  Angelo Cottugno.
  • ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. Gilda Massa.

Moderator: Energy Agency of Pamplona Council, Javier Zardoya Illana.

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Work-Shop 1:  Searching for synergies on R&D&I energy projects that incorporate social and regulatory innovation for the development of new products and/or services in the energy sector.

16:00 Work-shop 2: Dynamics for the definition of the Plan to promote energy communities in Navarra (PICENA)

16:00 Work-shop 3: SWOT analysis and strategies for the implementation of favourable frameworks for the development of Energy communities and distributed generation.

Wednesday, January 25th

08:50 Opening

  • Antonio Lopez-Nicolas Baza. Deputy Head of Unit Renewables and Energy System Integration Policy. European Commision.

09:00 First session:  Inclusion and social innovation in the EC

  • Energy Poverty Advisory Hub. Alba del Campo Martínez. Ecoserveis.
  • Alliance against Energy Poverty (APE). María Campuzano Guerra.
  • Torreblanca Ilumina. Joaquín Villar Rodriguez. Andalusian Energy Agency, Powerty project.
  • TEDER association. David Labeaga Pellejero.

Moderator: Navarre Network for the Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion. Jon Echeverria Esquina

10:00 Second session: Public-Private Financing Schemes for EC

  • Dutch Fund Energiesamen. Jean Pierre Van Lin.
  • EIB (European Investment Bank). ELENA facility, Dinis Rodrigues.
  • Fundeen. Adrián Bautista Sánchez.
  • IDAE. Sara de la Serna. Department of Demand Management and Network Integration of Renewables

Moderator: ANEL. Alfredo Chourraut Aguirre.

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Third session: Promoting energy communities in various activities

  • Ettlingen (Germany). District Heating. Stefan Bluem.
  • The Mobility Factory (TFM). Helena Battestini.
  • Local Energy Agency of the Region of OSONA. Pau Pañella Vilamú.
  • ‘Toda Energía’ Community. José Andrés Palacios Ferrer.
  • ManzaEnergia (Manzanares el Real) Neighbourhood Community. Fernando Román Aguilera.
  • ESCARRILLA (Alto Gallego and Jacetania). Rubén Gómez Ortiz.

Moderator: Nasuvinsa. Yael Lorea Iriguibel.

12:45 Final Remarks

  • Uxue Itoiz Mariñelarena. General Director of Industry, Energy and S4 Strategic Projects of the Government of Navarra



The 1st European Energy Communities Congress was held in November 2021 and aroused great interest among the 300 people who participated in the event. In its second edition, the meeting will once again focus the attention of all those involved in self-consumption.